IMG 9624 1 1smaller sizeFor two weeks now, an enthusiastic writing team has been assembling each day in a focused push towards completing the POLYCARP: DESTROYER OF GODS script. Jerica Henline, lead writer at Henline Productions, shares, "I am beyond thrilled about the progress that has been made over the past few weeks, but please continue to pray! There is a lot yet ahead of us."

They begin each morning in a time of prayer and scripture reading. "It always sets the day on the right track. We have continually seen the Lord at work and it is so encouraging to see things come together in upexpected ways," comments Joe Henline, director of the Polycarp project.

The writing process has been a painstaking journey of discovery. Rebekah Cook explains, "One of the keys to crafting a script is to keep the end in mind. Break it down first. Then clarify the story goal, what it's building up to, and why." The long hours are paying off.

After identifying and classifying specific and necessary plot elements, they are then prayerfully blended into a screenplay structure to manage flow and pacing, interweaving individual plot-threads to strengthen the core of the story. "When the scene timeline was complete on the wall, we went through and made sure each character arc was working," says David Cook, key story analyst. "It's neat how the layers keep building to move the story forward."

We are excited about the headway being made here in Loveland, Ohio, and we look forward to keeping you updated throughout the months ahead. Please keep the team in your prayers as they labor to finish this crucial phase of the writing process.


"In all thy ways acknowledge him, and he shall direct thy paths." Proverbs 3:6